Sobre Armani Tópicos de Armani

“Less is more, that’s my definition of style” says Giorgio Armani, perfectionist, purist and famous friend of old-fashioned values such as loyalty and honesty. Armani, a former medical student, who took the world of fashion by storm some 30 years ago and is nowadays regarded as one of the foremost fashion designers of the 20th century, is a complete autodidact in the field of fashion. When thinking of the Italian with the white hair who was born in 1934 in Piacenza one is bound to think of purism, cool, simple elegance, neutral and discreet colours and exquisite materials made in-house.Armani – known to be hard-working and never running out of creative ideas – and famous for liberating formerly stiff men’s suits and blazers from shoulder pads and lining, sees his real calling, however, in: “To let people look and smell the best they can.” The workaholic, who build his worldwide emporium with incredible understatement, keeps holding all the strings firmly in his hands, because “Armani” is more than just a fashion trend. His fashion designs, accessories, Casa [Home], Dolci [Chocolates] and fragrance collections stand for a consistent lifestyle that remains decoupled and independent of the respective fashion trends of a given time. He tries to make the ‘elegance of the essential’ stand out and wants to avoid people becoming “fashion victims” at all costs. The 75-year-old designer is a classic modernist that combines Zeitgeist with Timelessness like nobody else. This applies to his fashion as for his fragrances sold under the brand names “Giorgio Armani” and “Emporio Armani”. Only top-quality materials are used, are enhanced and then combined to perfection. For each new fragrance the olfactory essences are changed and newly interpreted. “I don’t actually create new forms, I just put materials together in a new way”, he explains. “A perfume ought to surround a person like an aura, ought to arrive ahead of him and ought to stay behind after he’s left, but it should never outdo him.”